We help raise funds for charities worldwide by organising
Adventure Holidays;
Extreme Challenges;
Spectator-Sport Trips;
and Gastronomy & Culture Tours
for individuals and/or groups.

Penado Kenya

Brian Mugendi Micheni is a Kenyan, and volunteers as the coordinator for Penado Kenya. He also volunteers as the coordinator for East Africa, spearheading the expansion of Penado into Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.  Brian leads Penado International’s team to organise our first international charity event in East Africa; fundraising for Kenyan children suffering with cancer. He has a wide experience as a volunteer in Kenya and abroad. He is heavily involved in charity work and has helped run several fundraisers, including: fundraising for students from less-privileged families to access education in Kenya; and organising fundraisers for vulnerable children in Uganda, to help them access proper healthcare.

Our current project is to run an international fundraiser in Kenya, to support Kenyan children battling cancer. Keep visiting the website to see the progress of this project and how to participate towards this noble cause. We hope to see you during this event and we seek your support to help these children. Thank you.