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Mysterious Kenya – The Ancient Cradle of Humankind

Rift Valley Kenya

The Great Rift Valley is part of a ridge system that runs through Kenya. Starting in Tanzania in the south it traverses Kenya northwards until Lake Turkana where it enters Ethiopia. The floor of the Rift is broken by volcanoes, some still active, resulting in fertile soil, ideal for coffee farms, tea plantations and wineries.

There are a number of lakes of special interest to wildlife enthusiasts, with black rhino, Rothschild’s giraffe, lions and cheetah. Several of the lakes are shallow and alkaline, providing a good feeding area for flamingos.

Tea Farming in Kenya

Tea was first introduced in Kenya in 1903 and planted in Limuru. Commercial production started in 1924 when Brooke Bond set up the first estates. Nowadays, Kenya is a major producer of black tea with green, yellow and white produced only to order.

Kenya tea is some of the best quality black tea in the world winning international acclaim for its taste and aroma. Very beneficial for health as they are rich in antioxidants blocking DNA damage, boosting overall health.

Coffee production in Kenya

There are two references regarding the commencement of coffee production in Kenya. One states that coffee trees were introduced in 1893 from Reunion. An alternative is that the British introduced coffee growing about 1900. 70% of Kenyan coffee is produced by smallholdings, in total in 2018 over 49,900 metric tonnes, 49,100 imperial tons.

Kenyan coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil between 1400 and 2000 metres above sea level. This loamy soil is perfect for the cultivation of arabica beans, producing a quality product known for its intense flavour, full body and pleasant aroma. Kenya AA is the very best producing an exquisite coffee.

Wineries in Kenya

In its infancy in Kenya, wine is being produced in Naivasha, Yatta Plateau and along the Great Rift Valley escarpments. The two big names being Rift Valley Winery and Kenya Wine Agencies with Leleshwa Wines and Yatta Wines respectively. Leleshwa in 2017 was awarded a double gold Michelangelo International Wines and Spirits award.

Scenic & Tribal Areas of Kenya

Narok County

Located 143 kilometres from Nairobi, mainly consisting of Maasai famous for their culture. There is an abundance of wildlife including the Big Five. Narok is also famous for the seventh wonder of the world, the Wildebeest Migration.

Baringo County

On a journey from Nairobi to Baringo County, the Equator is crossed. A photographically scenic area with hilly landscapes and winding roads. Arriving at Lake Baringo experience a spectacular display of colourful bird life. The lake is fished by people from Turkana, Pokot, Tugen and Ilchamus tribes who are happy to interact with visitors. Lake Bogoria known for it’s geysers and hot springs is worth a visit as it is home to many flamingos and pelicans.

Pokot County

On a journey to Pokot County, there are breathtaking views of Kerio Valley, one of the great escarpments of the Rift Valley, providing one of the best views of the fault. The majority of Pokot people live in the traditional way which provides a great experience of a Kenyan tribe.